Shadows and Ruins
Hello there stranger! Why do you find yourself here? Looking for the pack that dares to call here home, eh? Well stop looking, you found her right here. Come along now, we have a lot of land to explore.

In the Shadows of the secrets of the caves is where we're born, waiting to rise.
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 Dreaded Laws

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PostSubject: Dreaded Laws   Dreaded Laws Icon_minitime120th July 2013, 18:29

Rules, rules, rules. Very boring but I'll be sure to keep this short!

*Respect is the key*
No matter what, respect everyone and their choices, if not it will not be hesitated to give you a warning. If you are experiencing issues with the way someone is treating you, PM me and I will deal with the issue.

*Be familiar with the WQ Forum Guidelines*
Please, please, please. This is my first pack in a long while and I don't want it to get locked up on the forums then people won't be able to see it. So to prevent this don't go off topic, post SPAM on our topic, etc... Big big thanks!

*What happens in RP stays in RP*
If your character happens to get in a hassle with someone else's, leave the drama in character. When we're out of character chatting, that's that. We're not our characters. So please do not create unnecessary and unneeded drama.

*You MUST post your character's bio in the pending applications board*
This is also known as the Untold Tales board. Wait for a mod or admin to come by and accept the application before you start Role Play. This is simply because the joining application doesn't carry a lot of necessary, need-to-know information and we need to make sure you include it in your bio. It will then be moved to the accepted board by a mod or admin.

*Role Play post length*
Obviously there is no maximum, it is just required that you write two sentences or more with dialogue and three or more without. This is just so the person replying has something to work with and its not a pointless post.

*No text talk*
The occasional Lol, or brb or something like that is alright but please keep it to a limit.

*Grammar and Spelling*
Yeah I know not everyone is a pro, I mean heck I'm not either, but please try your best on the two that way we can all know what you're saying.

*Please speak English*
You don't have to be a perfect speaker of it, but just enough to the point where we can understand what your saying. I apologize if this is an inconvenience but we are mostly an English based role play website.

Once you have read the following post this with the appropriate spots filled in underneath your application on the WQ Thread-

"I ____, one wishing to join the Tribe of the Ruins and Shadows as a _____ have read the following laws and I make this solemn oath to uphold and respect these rules. I am aware that breaking them will result in warnings and further consequences."
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Dreaded Laws
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